Youth Cabinet & National Citizen Service (NCS) Working Together For Social Action!

Working togetherOn Tuesday the 21st of July, 11 members of West Sussex Youth Cabinet and UK Youth Parliament became leaders for a day of workshops with the National Citizen Service at Blacklands Farm, East Grinstead. The aim of the day was to help the young people in the NCS know how to create their own projects and campaigns. The group of 11 got into pairs and began to plan and rehearse their workshops. After lunch, the pairs met and delivered their workshops.

At the beginning of the workshops, the members of West Sussex Youth Cabinet and UK Youth Parliament introduced themselves and told the 16-17 year olds what inspired them to become a part of making a change for young people. The next step was getting the young people to consider why they think it is important to take social action. The leaders then explained the difference between a project and campaign using examples and an umbrella diagram. The NCS members were then split into three smaller groups. In these groups they had to plan how they were going to run a campaign on a specific media that was given toTeam building them by the members. For example, a group had to plan the steps of how they were going to run a campaign on bringing an end to discrimination against people with disabilities. Half an hour later, the small groups had to feedback their campaign ideas into a larger discussion. All the members felt that the discussion at the end helped the NCS members get to grips with what a campaign really is and what forms of media are the most effective for different audiences.

Not only did the Nation Citizen Service members benefit from the training day but also the West Sussex Youth Cabinet and UK Youth Parliament benefitted too. We learnt how to successfully, as well as confidently, run a workshop that had advantageous outcome for everyone involved. Hopefully, the NCS members enjoyed the day as much as the West Sussex Youth Cabinet and the UK Youth Parliament did!

Written by Megan Harris (member of Youth Cabinet)

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