Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health

Creating quetionsYoung People from the ‘Free Your Mind Campaign Group’ who campaign on young people mental health issues in West Sussex, recently participated in the interview process for the newly expanding Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Services for young people in West Sussex.

Five young people from the group spent an afternoon with the Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Commissioning team designing questions and criteria for their role on the young person’s interview panel.  The young people carried out interviews for the blended counselling service, which will include face to face counselling as well as an on-line counselling service.  The young people also carried out interviews for the delivery of the emotional wellbeing advocacy for children and young people in West Sussex.  Photograph showing young people with their certificate of participation in the interviews.

Getting certificatesYoung people’s evaluation from the interviews:

Abbie Reeves: “The experience was very different but was good , it was good to have an input on the different services that could be used.  I learnt interviewing skills and decision making skills.  I built interviewing skills which will be good for the future, in knowing how I can use questions.  I gained a lot of knowledge and experience”.

Claudia Van-Nimwegen: “I was on the panel and chaired one of the meetings. It was a great experience as I am a keen ambassador for mental health campaigning. I got to ask relevant questions and respond to their answers appropriately. I felt really professional and thoroughly enjoyed the evening!”

Dominic Marks: “It was really good to be part of the panel, as it allows young people voice to be heard, and we affect the final decision”.

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