Takeover Challenge 2015

Takeover ChallengeBe part of Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Challenge this November – a national event involving 44,000 people across England.

It is a day where organisations all across England invite children and young people into their organisations to “takeover” their roles and be involved in decision making.

West Sussex Young People’s Service are always involved in this event and are starting to make opportunities available to young people to take part in.

West Sussex Young CarersYouth Carers ‘Takeover Challenge Event’ Tuesday 17th November 6pm-8pm

The Voice &Engagement Team are working with the Youth Interventions and Young Carers Team in hosting a Young Carers ‘Takeover Challenge’ Event as part of the Children’s Commissioners annual event where young people get involve in taking over someone’s role or being part of decision making

The ‘Take Over Day’ Event will take place on Tuesday 17th November 6pm-8pm @ County Hall North more details to follow.

The main theme of the event is to consult with young carers on a number of key themes:

  • Services for Young Carers
  • Issues impacting on Young Carers
  • Transition from Young Carers to Adult Carers Services

The event is still being planned, but will incorporate the following:

  • Q&A session with young carers putting questions to key decision makers, Mark Greening and Mark Frankland
  • Consultation activity focusing on Services for Young Carers and transition to Adult Carers Services
  • Consultation activity exploring issues impacting on young carers.

See flyer for details, and for more information contact claire.denby@westsussex.gov.uk 07793369784

What is the Youth CabinetDemocracy Day ‘Takeover Challenge’ Event Friday 20th November 2015

County Hall North 9am-3pm 

To mark our recent success in the Make Your Mark ballot that saw 20,827 young people in West Sussex participating in choosing the issue most important issue to them. These results will be added to the national result, and will be used to decide which issues are debated in the Houses of Commons in November as part of the UKYP annual debate in choosing their next national campaign.

The Voice & Engagement Team with West Sussex Youth Cabinet are hosting an event aimed at giving young people the opportunity to debate these top issues and learn more about why these issues are so important to them. The Event will be opened by Peter Evans Cabinet Member for Children and Start of Life

The event will also be gathering young person’s voice on a number of key issues which will include:

  • Young Peoples Safeguarding in the Virtual World
  • What young people are telling us about ‘Young People and Mental Health’
  • The Youth Cabinet will be collecting feedback on their Curriculum For Life Campaign.

Other key decision makers will include:

  • Representatives from the LSCB
  • Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Services

The event will be inviting schools and organisations who took part in the recent Make Your Mark event which saw 45 schools and organisations taking part in this year’s ballot.

This event will also provide an opportunity for young people to be news reporters for the day, where they will be reporting on the event and writing a news blog for Youth Voice on YourSpace.

For more information contact claire.denby@westsussex.gov.uk 07793369784.

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