Hospital Tasters – Tested!

Four Young people from YPS tested our new project at Worthing hospital and enjoyed it so much, they signed up to the longer term volunteering opportunity.

Here’s what they said…

 What did you do during your volunteer placement?

“Navigated our way through the hospital and then fed back, then helped people navigate their way round and completed FFT survey.”

“Navigating people around the hospital doing surveys with the patients.”

“SatNav person – guiding patients around. Giving surveys.”

“Interact with patients, human SatNav, patient surveys.”

What are the main things you gained from this opportunity?

“It was an incredible experience and really allowed me to see the impact that a friendly face can make to a person’s visit. Furthermore it opened up opportunities for volunteering that are hard to come by otherwise.”

“My experience has been great – it has taught me to engage with people.”

“Excellently engaging makes you an active member of society and engrosses you within the hospital environment.”

What did you learn?

“I learnt about the importance of customer service”


“How to talk to patients and react to their needs.”

What skills did you build?

“Approaching people correctly – introducing yourself, explaining what you’re doing etc.”

“Engagement. Confidence.”

“Organisation, self-esteem, confidence with patients.”


How will you use this knowledge in future?

“Be aware of this when meeting people.”

“To get out in the big world and volunteer.”

“To engage other people and the internal workings of the hospital.”

Would you like to continue volunteering at the hospital and why?         

“Great experience and great for UCAS application for medical school.”

“I enjoyed talking to people.”

“’Cause it has taught me to engage and talk to people and not being shy.”

For more information and details of how to get onto a hospital taster, contact:

Maddie Scutt – Project and Partnerships Team – – Number: 07947 938828.

Find out more information about The NESTA Project.


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