Cabinet Member Peter Evans visits Youth Cabinet

Peter Evans, Cabinet Member for Children – Start of Life, recently came to the Youth Cabinet’s (YC) meeting to learn more about the group as well as answer some questions from the young people.

The YC Executive Committee gave a presentation to Peter Evans about what the Youth Cabinet is about. Explaining more about how they link in with the adult West Sussex Cabinet.

As part of his visit, Peter Evans very kindly took part in a Q & A session with the group, answering questions:

  • “What inspired you to run for election?”
  • “What do you do in your role?”
  • “What are the most important issues for you?”
  • “How is a schools budget decided?”
  • “Why is Youth Voice often ignored by politicians?”
  • “What do you think of austerity?”

Want to listen to the Q&A session? Then click play on the podcast!

Find out more information about Youth Cabinet or get in contact:

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