Youth Cabinet Training Day 28th October 2015

Youth Cabinet feedback on their recent team building and training day where they had training on the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board and planning for their Democracy Day West Sussex as part of the Children’s Commission Take Over Challenge.


“Good team building work has been going on and it has been really nice and enjoyable to get to know everyone”- Abigail Slater.

“We did loads of team building activities to build on our team working skills” Anwesha.

Discrimination Campaign:

“We have been thinking of questions that we can ask young people about what they think about our campaign to get different perspectives and find out ways we can help them”.  Ankona.


“Really helped me to understand different issues young people face and what we can do to help reduce these problems.” Sebastian.

“It helped me understand the different types of abuse and how they affect young people.” Sofia.

“I now understand the steps necessary to take in order to make our local area safer for our youth.” Charlie.

“We have been discussing the importance of safeguarding and  developing our knowledge on how it should be carried out.” Gulshan.

“We had several in depth conversations about safeguarding” Emma.

Healthy Lifestyles:

“I feel we are actually going to be able to make a difference with our campaign.” Guy.

“We decided what we were trying to find out from our survey” Sofia.

“We have identified our key aims.” Natasha.

“We have identified our key ideas and aims.” Lottie.

Democracy Day feedback:

“We have been planning our consultation for Democracy Day” Emma.

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