Takeover Challenge – Democracy Day

To start off the day Precious Otor, the Youth Cabinet Chairperson, gave a welcome speech to all 49 young people from around West Sussex. Next, the young people debated about 3 Mark Your Mark issues which were the Living Wage, Curriculum For Life and Transport in West Sussex. They came up with a diverse range of arguments for and against each issue with the help of Youth Cabinet members.

The day was a great way for young people in a range of localities in West Sussex to have their say. For me and the other Cabinet members, it was useful to have the young people feedback to us about how they feel regarding the issues which will be a great help when planning our campaigns. As a whole group, we learnt about child exploitation and how it can affect all of us, we also learnt about safeguarding in the digital world.

The young people voted on what they wanted their UK Youth Parliament members to campaign on for this year. After the ballots were counted, the result was that Curriculum For Life won the vote!

Here are what some of the young people that attended had to say about the day:

“I have learnt that we may have democracy but there is still so much to be done such as equality for all regardless of gender, race or sexuality.”

–Emily Carr, The Towers Convent School

“A great day to let our voices out and vote!”

– Jake Cheng, Rydon Community College

“I have enjoyed today but also think it’s important to think about these issues as they affect all of us”

–      Sarah, Sir Robert Woodard Academy

Written by Megan Harris, West Sussex Youth Cabinet.

Time Lapse Video

Events from the day video

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