Young Carers Takeover Challenge

As part of the National Takeover Challenge: Young Carers had their voice heard about Services that support them in their role as Young Carers through an interactive meeting with decision makers.

Young people were consulted on what’s working, not working and what needs to change about Young Cares services. They were also consulted on what should the new 16+ group look like.

What young carers said about taking part in the “Takeover Challenge”

  • It was a great time to show how I feel.
  • Very inspirational.
  • I can easily relate to your aspirations, Josh.
  • Got a chance to voice my opinion.
  • I had fun and it was nice to be heard.
  • People listened.
  • A chance to have my voice heard and make a difference.
  • An interesting time to allow me to discuss my opinions and thoughts while being listened to by people who can make a difference.

What needs to change:

  • Key people at school to know and understand what I am going through.
  • Young carers group at school.
  • Pressures of homework.
  • Access to homework.
  • Specific Young Carers homework – lunch & break.
  • Raise awareness of Young Carers at school and with other young people.

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