Young People Takeover St. Richards Hospital!

As part of Takeover Challenge 2015, The NESTA Project took four young people to St. Richards for a taster day.

The young people got to experience what it would be like to work at the hospital, as well as better understand the needs of the patients.


Pathology Labs

“I have experience a part of the hospital that I knew nothing about before. It was really interesting to see the pathology labs and talk to a member of staff about the processes that take place there. I also learnt how to talk to patients, especially elderly patients.” Jessica

(Emergency Blood Bank)

Emergency Blood Bank

“I went to the pathology unit; and learnt about blood transfusions, and how the lab perform V+E’s, blood count. We all visited different departments and did surveys.” Melissa



“It was very interesting and enjoyable, lots of complex detail interpreted by the guide made easy, was very hot though being in a hospital despite the multiple cold blood banks, near the end felt a bit hot and dizzy.” Jack.

(Blood Bank Fridge)

Blood Bank Fridge

“I went to visit the pathology labs and visited all the machines they use. It was very interesting.” Chloe.

For more information about The NESTA Project, please email

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