Another Taster Day for young people at St. Richards Hospital

Four young people went to spend the day at St Richards hospital, as part of The NESTA Project. The young people had behind the scenes access to hospital departments and a chance to see what it might be like to work in a Hospital.

Here is what they had to say:

“I enjoyed seeing parts of the hospital I hadn’t seen before, and finding out new information, I enjoyed seeing how the x-ray section works”


“Was very informative and useful, enhanced my interest in a career in medicine and healthcare and opened up my career options for the future”


“Elucidating – helped focus my desire to go on to do medicine”

Seeing things close up

“Everyone is kind and helpful here. I found the experience very interesting and it reinforces my desire to do medicine every time I look around the different wards.”


To get a chance to experience a Taster Day, please express an interest by the end of February 19th!

Contact: for more information!

Read more about The NESTA Project.

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