Preparing for the Free Your Mind Convention

On the 4th February, the FYM group met with each other to prepare for the upcoming convention, which will be held on the 18th February, County Hall North, Horsham.

“We’re two weeks away from the convention and we’re feeling confident in what we’ve achieved so far. We hope that this convention will enable young people to have a voice on what effects them regarding emotional wellbeing and mental health.” Claudia, FYM Member.

What did you do today?

“Today at the meeting, we split into two groups and practised a run through of the workshops that will take place at the convention. I was a listener in the workshop for helping friends. It was really useful for the young people delivering the session to see how to ask questions around such a sensitive area.”

Hannah, 17, FYM Member.

What are the workshops?

Helping Friends Workshop

How to help your friends and identify issues surrounding mental health. This will enable young people to know where they can go to for help, either with people they know or with professional organisations.

Recipe for Relaxation Workshop

Helped members identify what made them feel stressed and what made them feel calm. Practised the workshop and added the final details.

Where can I get tickets?

Just follow this link to book a space:

For more information visit our Free Your Mind Convention page or contact

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