NHS Citizen Conference

A member of our Care Leavers Forum recently attended the NHS Citizen conference and represented the views of young people in care and care leavers in West Sussex. The conference was a chance for all members of the public to shape strategy for NHS England. It involved over 300 people from the public who gave their views in a series of workshops to improve the health service.

The event took place at the London Excel Centre and throughout the day there was a chance to address the outcomes to members of the NHS England board. Chloe, who is a care leaver, took part in a live webcast of the event throughout the day. Here is her thoughts on the day.

Where did you go?

London Excel Centre to the NHS citizen conference


To talk to NHS about health care for looked after children. The workshop I attended was on “improving health outcomes for young people in care”. We looked at what changes need to be made and put in place and developed to make the service better.

What did you do? What did you learn?

I met a group of young people from Nottinghamshire called “Future Pulse” which help educate young people about health care. Also, about other problems relating to the NHS like dementia, CCG, mental health, and premature death.

How did you feel afterwards?

Great! I felt really pleased because I not only met new people and learnt new stuff but I went on live webcasting and spoke in front of 300 people including NHS England board members. I found the workshops really good, interesting and engaging! I definitely would go again!

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