Free Your Mind Convention 18/02/2016


Welcome to the updates page of the Free Your Mind convention. Throughout the day we posted updates ‘live’ on this page. More videos will be added soon.


Lily, 16 says “I’m exited to be doing something positive with my story”

Claudia, 18 says “I’m exited to be running the work shop ‘Stress busters’ and I’m exited to help and meet young people”

Charlie, 16 ” I think the convention is a great idea and I’m glad to be apart of it”

Dominic, 15 “Its a great way to help spread information and services to young people”

Claire, “After all the hard work its fantastic to see so many young people passionate about mental health issues for young people, the Free Your Mind group has worked so hard and has done a brilliant job in bringing the day together and they are all really exited”

Peter Evans-Cabinet Member for Children-Start of Life-“Early help and prevention are the number one priority. Young people in todays world are the subject of many pressures and this can manifest itself into mental health issues. We need to provide early help to prevent these issues escalating and ensure that young people can lead full and active lives. Pressures of my generation as a teenager are very different to the pressures teenagers face now. Young people’s knowledge helps us to deliver the services they need.”

Christine  Field-Colleague of Peter Evans-“I’m a councillor, Peter and I take part in deciding how money is spent in emotional wellbeing. Getting support as your establishing yourself through life is very important. My daughter who is now 37 suffered with anorexia when she was a teenager so I know how important support is. The convention is helping to develop arguments to persuade money to be spent on emotional wellbeing.”

Becca Randell-Commissioner for Children’s Mental Health-“having the voice  of young people is the most important thing to help design mental health services for children and we’ve been working with the Free Your Mind group to design leaflets, commissioning counselling services. The Free Your Mind group is responsible for the idea of activity based therapy e.g. K9. This is based in Chichester and Bognor. Anything that comes out of today will help to feed into new ideas for the future.”

Colm Donaghy-Chief Executive-“Fantastic to be here and see this event for young people. I can’t wait to see what people have to say.”

Stephen-13-“its really good to be a part of such an active group in the  Horsham area and it is great to be making such a positive impact.”

Quotes from the Quote wall

‘What inspired you today?’

‘Lets talk about it!!’

“lots of support and information for everyone, eye opening!” Ayla

“The way people have dealt with their anxiety” Cameron

“Knowing not to be scared to seek help and knowing m not alone” Megan

“Knowing I’m not alone and that people are going through the same thing as me” Josie

“I’ve been inspired by all the young people that have turned up to take part in the event and to see how far Free Your Mind has come” Azaria

“The day so far has been interesting just like other events like big health day and other meetings” Michael

“Its so nice to see so many young people who care about mental health and are involved in services well done”

“A good place to learn and access support” Heather

“A friend inspired me today she is strong and more caring then anyone I have ever met” Hollie

“Knowing that I’m not alone and that people will listen to me! I do matter and my conditions are real” Libby

“A friend inspired me to come today and I think its really helpful in getting help for me and others in the future when needed” Emma

“To learn more about Anxiety”

“The hamster wheel -> The anxiety keeps going round and round, try and break the wheel and not be anxious” James

Introduction and speeches

What does mental health mean to you in one word?

Abi and Lily tell us their story about mental health and joining Free Your Mind


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