Youth Inspectors Training With The NESTA Project!

West Sussex Youth Cabinet teamed up with The NESTA Project to train up as Youth Inspectors! The Young Inspectors Training is based around the 15 Steps Challenge used by the NHS, which asks a group of people to walk around wards and care areas and explore their first impressions of these areas.

The inspection process was inspired by a mum, who made the point that first impressions are important: “I can tell what kind of care my daughter is going to get within 15 steps of walking on to a ward.”

As part of the training, the young people practiced their inspection skills by assessing the Glynn Owen Youth Centre, where they were currently spending the day for their Youth Cabinet meeting.

As part of their role as Youth Cabinet members, training up to become Youth Inspectors helped them to further understand the importance of viewing something with others in mind. As part of this training, they will then go on to visit one of The Western Sussex Hospitals and take part in The 15 Steps programme.

“It opened up an entirely new area of conversation I never expected to explore.” Jake Pettman.

For a summary of their findings, listen to their podcast! 

Read more about The NESTA Project

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