Children in Care Council talk about Permanence!

PermanenceConsultation on 29th January 2016

Young people in the CICC South and North groups, 8 young people in total, were asked to do a consultation by the learning and development team for social care.

The team were designing a training course for social workers and wanted to have young people’s voice in it, giving social workers a better understanding of…

“What makes you know you are settled in a placement or home”?

Young people said…There were key things that made you feel settled in a home or new placement, these were:

  • Decorating your room how you like it
  • Feeling comfortable, safe and secure
  • Having fridge access when you want
  • Having a daily routine
  • A comforting smell about the home
  • Being able to talk about your feelings and thoughts with your carer
  • Trusting your carer
  • Having fun with your carer
  • Reaching agreements with your carer
  • Having your own things around you

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