European Youth Event Strasbourg 20th to 22nd May 2016

14 Young People from West Sussex have been successful in gaining a place to attend the EYE 2016 in Strasbourg.

This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to engage on an international platform to discuss, debate & engage with other young people from across the 22 European Union member states They will be sharing their opinions and views on a range of topic’s including War and Peace, Stagnation and innovation and participation. The group came together this week to start planning for the trip and here their thoughts.

What has inspired you to get involved in the EYE Project?

What has inspired me is being given an opportunity to gain information about different areas of discussion, and using what I’ve learnt to shape the way I view different things, and to use what I’ve learnt to make as much of a difference as I can, within my area of influence. Precious Otor

I was inspired to get involved by the West Sussex Youth Cabinet, and the work done in that. I’m particularly looking forward to the debates in the European Parliament.

I have been inspired to do the Eye Project as I have a strong opinion and a loud voice to get heard. Abbie Reeves.

My concern for the well being of the Planet and unnecessary human suffering for our species. Dylan Mallen

I’m so excited to be involved in this Project. I consider myself a very passionate person, I am so excited to be making a difference. Through my experiences I want to bring some positivity. Lily Parsons


Hope that our voices are listened to after and during the event.

Meet new people.

Make a positive change in the World we live in.

To have a good time and learn more about the EU.

Everyone brings their views and opinions.

That we all have a great experience together!

Create real change, confidence and experience new people and cultures from all walks of life.

Hope to gain information I can bring back.

Learn and discover other cultures.

I hope that everyone gets along well and we all come together to make a difference to someone, anyone.

What do you want to achieve from the experience

I want to learn more about staying in the EU and find out how either staying or leaving will affect us.

I want to meet new people and make friends whilst there, I also want to gain insights that wouldn’t be possible without this event.

To voice my opinion along with others.

Individual to be inspired and have a positive experience.

To understand politics in general better as well as young people’s rights.

To get along with everyone and to have impact in Europe.

Want to gain experiences and knowledge about the World we live in.

Be a representative of young people in West Sussex who will offer opinion and listen to others.

Quotes from the EYE YP meeting on Wednesday 9th March 2016

“This evening has been really informative and productive” – Abbie

“Eye couldn’t say a bad word about this evening”

“I have really enjoyed tonight! I’ve learned new ideas and enlightened about new opinions” – Lily

“Can’t wait until May, very proud to be a part of this”

“Looking forward to learning about what it means to be part of the EU”

“More intrigued to go, feel like I will benefit from the weekend. Happy to go!”

“Very engaging and thought provoking”

“I have really enjoyed tonight’s session as I got to meet new people and learn about myself in more ways than one. I have talked about topics that I feel passionate about and gained confidence” – Claudia

“Feeling positive about it, lots of information about it has made me feel comfortable”

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