Youth Cabinet Interviews Tony Kershaw!

The Youth Cabinet recently interviewed Tony Kershaw to gain a better insight in to how West Sussex operate in the political landscape. From the interview, the Youth Cabinet learned about the basics of local government:

  • Role of local government
  • Who runs what local services
  • About the money
  • The Decision Makers
  • Decisions and Meetings

From this interview the Youth Cabinet members plan to create several YouTube videos, to share with young people across West Sussex. This will enable young people across the county to easily access information about local politics, and the various responsibilities their representatives do.

“It has been a real pleasure to be involved in helping young people to understand better how things work in their community. It is good to see young people show a real interest in what happens politically. I hope the interview helps young people to better understand the workings of local politics. The interview provides a very active way for young people to learn.” Tony Kershaw

“It’s been interesting to learn more about the workings of local government and to provide a medium for other young people to discover how their council works.” George Bowron, Youth Cabinet Member.

The videos will be available soon for viewing and the updates will appear here.

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