Free Your Mind Residential

Avon Turrell, New Forest

Why did you go on the residential

As a reward for having a successful convention and for winning ‘A day in history’ award.

What activities did you do?

Upon waking on day one, we attended the high ropes, a team building exercise. We all went out of our comfort zones and supported each other doing it.

After lunch we attended the activity archery, which really tested our accuracy! A fair few of us shot bullseye- a surprise to us as well as our youth support workers.

Doing these activities has allowed us to know each other better outside of our meeting setting, and to learn each other’s limits, encouraging them to more forward, pushing through their limits, therefore facing, and conquering their fears head on, support by the entire group.

What did you get out of the evaluation?

Whilst evaluating the success of the convention, we were able to find really useful feedback from both young people and professionals, enabling us to add this to any further conventions improving these for young people.

Explain about the further discussion topics

Whilst completing our evaluation we got into a passionate discussion about education of mental health in schools. We all agreed that more could be done, and this could be something we target in the future.

We have upcoming meetings with other professionals, where we can express, and hopefully influence some changes.

What do you plan to do next

We will be having a meeting with Peter Evans to hopefully put in place some changes.

We also have two of our members, Lily and Stephan, having a seminar with Nick Herbert MP, and other professionals in Steyning Grammar School, so hopefully we can promote our work there, and continue to express our strong feelings about educating about mental health as part of the school curriculum.

Written by Shannon and Lily from FYM group.

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