Youth Cabinet Consult On Radicalisation Prevention Resources

“At this meeting, we took part in a consultation on radicalisation and extremism. Some people came in to get feedback on young people’s understanding on the issues This involved activities that encouraged discussion on what we felt counted as extremism, where we would go if we were worried about radicalisation and ways we thought radicalisation was carried out.

It was a great opportunity to think about how to keep young people safe and a reminder into the real dangers of an issue only recently coming into the public spotlight. It highlighted a general understanding into how to prevent it, but a lack of more specific knowledge.

We also realised how hard it is to distinguish between strong views, and extremist views, and how social media serves to further blur that distinction. After the discussions, we were shown a video series called “Techniques Of Propaganda” series from ‘Digital Disruption’. The three videos we watched were; “Assertion”, “Scapegoating” and “Bandwagon”. We then gave feedback on each one and how we thought they could be improved.” Emma Hattersley, Communications Officer.

Quotes from Youth Cabinet Members:

“It was a good opportunity to comment on information already available and understand the full meaning of extremism and radicalisation.” Sofia Comper-Cavanna.

“A great chance to get our opinions heard and not necessarily have to get to an answer.” Peter.

“Taking Part in this provided a deeper understanding of radicalisation and the ways this can occur.”

“A important subject to be a part of for the safety of our fellow human beings.” Dylan.

“It was very interesting and increased my knowledge about radicalisation. There is more to it than I first realised.”

The UKYP then went on to practice the #DontHateEducate session plans, that will be delivered by UKYP and The Youth Cabinet to other young people, to help raise awareness around discrimination and aim to promote positive inclusion.

At today’s meeting, we also welcome two new youth cabinet members: Dylan & Peter.

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