Chichester Vision Meeting, May 2016

Over the past few months the West Sussex Youth Cabinet have been attending Participation Workshops for Chichester Vision. The young people are given topics to discuss in groups. The purpose of the Youth Cabinet attending these workshops is to represent young people’s voice on the future development consultation of Chichester. We contributed our thoughts, ideas and proposals which could be used to develop Chichester further as a recreational centre that could attract more visitors to aid in the city’s economic growth.

“We came to Chichester District Offices and had a 20 minute talk about the overview of the draft proposals from Chichester Vision for the next 20 years. There were many topics of focus which I felt were relevant to previous feedback and input from the other workshops I have attended.

We then broke off and made comments on each of the topics of discussion, so that I could best represent young people’s voice on these matters. Some of the topics were; Young People, Retail Offer and Digital Connectivity.

We plan to work more with Chichester Vision to get a wider youth voice involved in giving feedback to these plans in the future.” George Myers, DMYP for Chichester & West Arun.

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