Children Looked After – Changing the Narrative of the Care System

Young people have been asked to support a National Initiative which aspires to change the narrative of the care system with the following aim.

“To change the narrative of the care system with a focus on relationships when in care, and to tackle the negative views other people have of the care system head-on”.

We would like to know:

  • Who in the care system has made the biggest difference to them
  • Why/ How has this made a difference

This is what young people said:

Young Asylum Seekers

Asylum seekers





Care Leavers

Care leavers





Who in the care system has made the biggest difference to you and why

Poems – Care leaver, 18

 Joined at 16, Changed at 18Poem 1
Made friends, made a family
Travel up and down the country
Birmingham, London, Chester and Worthing
We go on trips and have fun days
We meet professionals and make a difference
I have been changed from this age,
Confident, outspoken, caring and determined
Changed names, seen faces, MPs, social workers and big bosses
Been told what to do all thanks to you
I speak to a crowd, proud and loud
Who could have imagined me being this way
3 years ago when I was lost, quiet and shy
Now I feel like I’m way up high
Thanks to cicc for all you do, I’ve turned new fresh and relived
I’m now going to strive.

2nd Poem

I sit round a table with some other young people,Poem 2
300 eyes staring at me, young, old, male, female, faces serious like they are really to judge
Along came the man who asks all the questions
I speak my opinion loud and clear on the microphone that appeared
I finish my speech and start to relax the next thing I know they are starting to clap
300 people and the rest on the web, I did it, I spoke in front of all those people!
3 years ago I hid in the class wouldn’t speak, go red and start to share
15 years old and scared of a class of 20, how I talk to hundreds of people
CiCC changed my life and turned me around to a confident and proud
Speaking out, they changed me, they helped me, I can’t believe who I am today
Thank you to the group, the friends and workers
It’s my new way
I’m changed.

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