Care Leavers do Duke of Edinburgh

Care leavers in West Sussex met yesterday to think about their Gold D of E, what their interests are, aims of their expedition and things they didn’t like so much!

Young people also blogged and had thoughts about how they feel about doing D of E:

Chloe– Sitting round a table with my d of e team, Shannon, Mel, woody, me with Claire and Pete. I’m doing it to challenge myself and develop team work skills and blogging because I’m practicing it for d of e. I am excited to do d of e and thinking what it is going to be like, next we will be working out our personal and team challenges. The next blog will be about the challenges we decided on…

Shannon– I am with my group planning our aims and challenges. I am feeling really excited and determined to do this; Working out our challenges however we still have a bit more work to do.

Mel– I’m here with my team because I enjoy it! I’m feeling nervous about it- doing the d of e and working out the challenges

Woody– I did a video blog but the paper fell on it!

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