Free Your Mind – Big Creative Education School in London

Free Your Mind Campaign Group take up there “Positive for Youth Award” prize of a day at the Big Creative Education School in London for a day in the studio with their media team to produce a FYM promo video for their campaign.

1st June (Day before) Lily writes:

“I am really excited to be traveling up to London tomorrow as part of Free Your Mind. This opportunity will give us ideas on how to spread our voice further, it may also give us inspiration to make our own videos and poster which will encourage people to talk about our campaign and may invite new people to join our group. This means we can expand and really start to let people know the hard work we put in.

I am extremely excited to learn about the process of how these videos come together and what goes on behind the scenes. I know for all of us attending it will be a hugely valuable experience.” Lily

2nd June 2016 The Big Day

Today we are at Big Creative Education which is a school specialising in creativity. From our Positive For Youth Award that we won in September we had the opportunity to come and get experience in filming and making a video, with media experts.

Aim of the video: Is to create a professional promo video which raises awareness of mental health issues which we can use on all future video productions we do.

We got up to London Victoria before 9am and made our way on the underground to the school.

The first thing we did was explore and plan ideas for a video and a jingle.

We then went to the studio and made a beat for our jingle.

We recorded voice overs of statistics about mental health that will be the voiceover of my main video.

We then shot short video clip of us at the centre to be included into the video which was all focused on our key message of “Let’s Talk About It”

 What we thought of the day

“The day has been really interesting, learning how to use social media to promote our campaign has been useful in aiming to reach more young people and how videos are made which will help with my own YouTube channel” – Hannah 17

“I’ve had a really good time learning about the ways in which making a video works and being active throughout the process” Lily 17

“Today has been an amazing experience as I’ve gained much more knowledge on how to make a video about mental health and I’ve met nice people” Gulshan 17

Getting to work in a studio using my experiences has helped others in the group to learn about production techniques to help other people through creative media production.’’ Claudia, 19

New skills that we learnt:

  • Opportunity to work as a team to put together the lyric for the song.
  • Awareness of how complicated video production is,
  • learnt all the different stages and processes of putting together the different elements of the video.
  • Had to think about the sound and the type of music and put this together with voice over.
  • Been positive experience it has given me more opportunity to work with other creative professional and helped me with my career choice.

How use these new skills:

  • Use these skills to make our own video as part of the FYM group.

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