Breaking into news ITV journey

ITV & Media Trust Breaking into News scheme – Opportunity through the Voice & Engagement Team

I was chosen alongside 8 other young people from across the UK who were chosen to be a part of the ITV and Media Trust Breaking Into News scheme.

For someone like me who has limited opportunities because of my mental illness and learning disability, this is such a great achievement for me and I’m so proud to of met such lovely people who have supported me on this process especially my production journalist mentor Sam Holder and the people at Meridian!

We will be meeting for the final time today with all the heads of News from each region as well as my production journalist, my mum and the other young people! One of uswill win an iPad and the chance to spend a day working on ITV News at Ten however I’ve already won my region; Meridian so even if I don’t win I am so proud that I got the chance to represent my region, the whole of South East of the UK through Meridian.

The scheme enabled young people to get work experience and a six week apprenticeship working at ITV to produce a report on an issue that matters to them. I chose to do my report focussing on learning disabilities within rural areas of Sussex and how those living in a rural community find it harder to get work experience and get into education as they have to either travel; which can be really stressful or move out of that rural location.

More information about the Breaking Into News initiative can be found at:

I have really really enjoyed my time and loved every moment of it!

With thanks to my mentor Sam Holder for guiding me through the process at the ITV studios in Southampton!

Written by Claudia Van-Nimwegen

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