Daisy Stahl, an ex-DMYP tells us her thoughts on being in the Youth Cabinet

Daisy Stahl, an ex-Deputy Member of Youth Parliament (DMYP) tells us about what it was like being a member of West Sussex Youth Cabinet and UK Youth Parliament.

Name: Daisy Stahl
How long were you in your Youth Voice Group, and what was your role?

I have been in the UKYP for a year and 3 months, as a DMYP for East Grinstead & Crawley.

How do you think your group or campaign impacted Youth Voice / Key Issues in West Sussex?

During my time I have worked on Curriculum For Life, Don’t Hate Educate and the Mental Health Campaign. I have also helped support Make Your Mark campaign, where we got over 20,000 votes in West Sussex and came 4th in the UK. I saw at my school that students gained more knowledge on how to vote and what voting meant to them.

What was your favourite project/campaign in your Voice Group? Why?

My favourite campaign was the Curriculum For Life campaign, because I felt that it would have the most positive impact on young people in West Sussex by helping them to prepare for the future.

What opportunities did your Voice Group open up for you?

There was so many overall, but in particular going to the BYC training residentials where I got to meet new people from across the UK and learnt new skills like leadership and public speaking. Also, being able to go to the Houses of Parliament for various events.

What skills & personal development did you gain from being in the group?

Leadership skills, Presenting & Public Speaking Skills, Listening Skills.

It’s made me better and more aware about what is going on in the community, and more confident in gathering people’s views so that I can voice them to others.

How will these new skills help you in the future?

I think these new skills will help me get a job in the future, and when I go to Australia it will help me to gain new friends and get myself out there more.

What is your favourite memory during your time at your Voice Group?

Every minute! My favourite memory was my first residential, where we came together as a group to train for our roles. I particularly liked the interactive workshops.

What are you up to now?

I will be moving to Australia where I hope to find something similar to the UKYP so that I can join and continue doing things like this.


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