Radicalisation Prevention Resources

The Community Safety & Wellbeing Service did a follow up consultation with the Youth Cabinet to further identify which resources and tools would be effective in raising awareness and educating young people.

“At this meeting, we had a continued consultation about how to best educate young people on radicalisation, extremism and discrimination.

The first activity we tried was called ‘Who am I?’ -a set of photos and possible roles the people could fulfil were put in front of us, and we tried to work out the most likely combinations. This was an activity we felt could be very effective with the right supporting discussions.


Then we took part in another critical thinking activity, where we looked at the roots, issues and effects of the shocking  news story of a pig’s head being left outside a Muslim primary school in Portsmouth.

In addition, we evaluated some videos that were a big improvement on the ones we were shown a few weeks ago as they were both hard hitting and informative. Personally, I think that with the amount of youth input involved in this project, it has the potential to be really successful, so we hope to bring news of how you can get involved in the future.” Emma Hattersley, Communications Officer for West Sussex Youth Cabinet.

Read first blog for consultation one.

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