Young people volunteer their time to community

National Citizen Service (NCS) – Littlehampton Team 3, Wave 2.

Our aim for week 3 is to create a social action project which could consist of volunteering our time/raising money for a charity or organisation. As a cohort, we agreed that we would help the Arundel Lido and the Horsham Refugee support group. We felt that these organisations were a good choice because it helps people less fortunate to start a new life and a new future. The Arundel lido was our choice because it isn’t just aimed at an organisation/business; it is for the community as everyone can visit and enjoy the gardens, surrounding areas and what the complex has to offer.

Our objective for the Arundel lido is to help renovate and improve the appearance of the complex. They would like us to create a box which can cover the electricals so it makes the area safe. They would also like us to paint the fences, add colour into the garden with new plants, flowers for their flower box and finally de-weed as well as cut the grass as well as advertise the Arundel Lido by giving out flyers and posters.

Our objective for the Horsham refugee support group is to create enjoyment for the families because we understand what they have been through and we feel that we can help them to forget about the past and look into the new, bright future they have. To help them feel that they are safe and that there are people in this world that care and look after one another. We can help them by donating clothes and books for the children so they can improve their education and change their future for the families and friends surrounding them.

If everyone comes together and donates at least one thing, we can help more than one family at a time to get back what they have left behind and what they have lost on the journey to the U.K. To help them go out into the world and not feel scared about where they are and who’s around them. To make the people smile. As a group we feel that we have made a difference for those who needed our help and that we have succeeded in the difference that we have wanted to make in their lives.” – Dalal & Mathew, NCS Littlehampton Team 3.

During their Social Action project, Team 3 volunteered their time to complete the following at Arundel Lido:

Build and paint box to cover electrical box, paint fences & play boat, plant flowers, clean & maintain raised flower bed, clean windows, jet wash patio, use strimmer to cut grass bank, remove weeds and thorns, trim trees, smash & order rubbish, remove broken wall & trellises, give play boat a sail, fix broken fences, remove ivy from fences, collect money for Arundel Lido & turn compost heap.

Find out more about the National Citizen Service.

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