Free Your Mind support with SEN Grant applications

Free Your Mind support the Children and Families’ Commissioning Team review SEN Grant applications for school based Emotional Wellbeing Projects

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) have £195,000 of funding available to support school based projects that a) support children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and  /  or b) support the emotional well-being of specific groups of young people.

Funding Forms 16-17

FYM  group were asked to look at the projects to come up with some key points they would like the applicant to consider to help them strengthen their project.   These views will then be shared with Senior Managers in WSCC and the applicant as part of the feedback process.

Dominic Marks “I had the opportunity to share the views of young people, about services that they will be using , this is important, as it shows that we are being listened to in the key decision making stage.

Allowing us to create services that work for young people. During this process, I went through the bids that different organisations had made, and was able to point out my concerns, and particular areas that they should focus on, so that they are effectively using grant money to help young people with low level Mental Health. I feel that this kind of help is important, as it is targeting the issue early on, and allows young people to access services easily. This kind of support is important, and is what is needed.

Taking part in this opportunity was part of my role on the Free Your Mind Mental Health Campaign Group, which allows us to get young people’s voices heard in these crucial decision.

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