Discovery Phase on Autumn National Citizen Service (NCS) 2016

During the Discovery Phase on Autumn National Citizen Service (NCS) 2016, the Littlehampton team took part in various activities which helped them understand more about themselves and others in the team:

  • Life skills such as cooking and budgeting.
  • Learning about the importance of communication and listening via the Picture Challenge.
  • Pushing themselves out of their comfort zones by taking part in a workshop around public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Their creative skills shone out when designing the team banner.
  • They also started to think about their communities and the issues which affect them to help them decide on their Social Action project.

One of the team members, Eloise commented “I believe the last few days really helped to bond the group together even more so than the adventure activities. I believe the different activities/ games helped us to identify people’s strengths and weaknesses which is crucial when starting to plan our social action project. The different tasks forced people to go beyond their comfort zones socially and I believe it has made me more confident. In addition to this we had many opportunities to share things about ourselves and hence became a closer group.”

Another member of the team Rebecca commented “I thought it was great fun and really helpful in terms of learning new skills.”

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