Skills to Foster – 11/11/16

A care leaver works with foster carers

I did the skills to foster presentation to foster carers, about what it’s like to be in care, showing them the presentation and taking questions.

It was very positive; I did it differently to how I normally do it, by drawing less on the humour and more on the serious points which proved to be effective in this instance. I knew by the way the audience responded.

I told a few new jokes, which were well received. I learnt a new way to describe what it’s like having a file updated continuous, when in a new placement. I feel this was appreciated by the staff in the room.

At the end of the questions, I drew a lot more from my own experiences, which helped give the foster carers something real. A human being with real feelings  and vulnerability, this is how much my foster carer helped me. This gave the foster carers a better understanding of how they may be able to do the same for another young person in the future.

I saw how much I have changed, in a positive way in the past three years. Overall, this experience has helped me grow in confidence for my own internal well-being.

Written by Care Leaver aged 20.

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