Duke of Edinburgh – Children Looked After Expedition Taster Day


A group of care leavers participated in an “expedition taster day”, to find out which was their preferred mode of transport. The group did a day of mountain biking, walking and canoeing to see which one they liked best to then decide as a group what expedition they would do for their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. The day was run at Shoreham, using nearby facilities with a qualified instructor as well as youth workers. The day was a huge success but very cold!

Thoughts and feedback from young people:

Mountain biking:

Chloe– I was nervous at first, and feeling frustrated and anxious, but by the end of the session I loved it, I was happy that I achieved it and enjoyed it more than I thought. Maybe I could borrow a bike to do my “physical section”

Mel- The whole day worried me, I felt stressed and anxious. Unfortunately I didn’t try the mountain biking through fear of emabrassement and not being able to do it.

Stephen- I was feeling excited at the beginning of the day, and loved the biking!

Liam- At the start of the day, I was feeling energetic and ready to give it a go. I enjoyed the biking.


Chloe- I was feeling alright about the walk, and I felt alright at the end really

Mel– Feeling ok about the walk and feeling good at the end

Stephen-I loved it!

Liam– I was feeling energetic at the start of the walk and enjoyed it


Chloe– I felt absolutely terrified by this activity, however I did it and got in the boat, but it was emotional and would not do it again

Mel- I felt nervous, anxious and worried by this activity, I got in the boat! I felt ok by the end of it.

Stephen– I loved it!

Liam– I was feeling energetic and enjoyed it!

Our Chosen modes of transport are:

Chloe– Walking and cycling

Mel– Walking

Stephen– Walking and cycling

Liam– Walking and canoeing

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