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My name is Sibil Sabu and I am the member of youth Parliament (MYP) for Chichester and West Arun, and my role is to listen to what young people think needs improving in the area and in their lives and to act on it by speaking up for them in debates such as at the house of commons and at Youth Cabinet meetings.

Make Your Mark National Ballot Results:


West Sussex Make Your Mark Results:


At the house of commons sitting we discuss the results of the make your mark campaign which is the latest youth consultation in the UK. We debated on what we wanted to campaign on depending on what young people voted for in their make your mark ballots. This year with over 100 votes, votes at 16 and with over 200 votes, a curriculum for life became out chosen campaigns which we will focus on next year.

Written by Sibil Sabu

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On Friday the 11th of November myself, Charlie, Sibil and Marvellous visited London and the House’s of Parliament for the UK Youth Parliament’s annual debate in the House of Commons.

It was the second year we had attended so this time we knew what to expect.  Even though we had been before it was still awe inspiring.  The Chamber itself with its green benches, dark wood and high ceiling feels full of history and expectation.  We are privileged to be allowed to debate there and it reminds you about how important democracy is.

Democracy is defined as ‘the belief in freedom and equality between people, or a system of government based on this belief, in which power is either held by elected representatives or directly by the people themselves’  and you can feel the responsibility of being a representative of the people, in our case the young, when you stand in the Chamber.

Today was even more special and poignant than last year as it was also Armistice Day.  We all stood silently for 2 minutes at 11 am to remember all those who have lost their lives and been injured in conflicts through the ages.  It was really moving.  My grandad lost his brother (who was 19) in the second world war and so many have died and been injured in conflicts over the centuries.  We must not forget, we will remember them.

After this the debates began.  We debated the top 5 issues as voted for the young people in the UK. This year a total of 978,216 young people from every corner of the country took part in the annual Make Your Mark ballot.

After the debate we voted and the UK wide campaign was  ‘Votes at 16’   and Curriculum for Life was chosen as the priority campaign for England.

Written by Stephen

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