National Bench Marking Forum Celebration Event at Chelsea Football Club


Two care leavers attend the National Bench Marking Forum at Chelsea Football Club and give their accounts of the day.

Liana account of the day

liana-dylanThe day was about care leavers and their workers coming together, revealing about the local projects they are doing in the community and the type of services they provide for their care leavers. It was also to find out which service had the best voted project and to gain insight from this to how we can improve our local services to care leavers.

What inspired me the most was listening to David Akinsanye story and getting his opinion on why he thinks care should be extended to 25. His story was touching and emotional , and was very interesting to listen to , to see how his past life experiences could have been different if the care and support he received when he was younger was different to what he had.

I learnt about what other care leaver supports across the country are doing different to what we have here in Bognor Regis . I also learnt more about what other kids have been through, their personal experiences and how their care leavers services had shaped and changed their lives due to the projects and help they receive .

Dylan account of the celebration event

This was a day to celebrate care leavers at the national care leaver’s bench marking forum to rewards incredible achievements by young people in their areas.  The day consisted of 40+ local authorities coming together from across the UK to share innovative ideas and projects young people have achieved in the different areas which was really inspirational.

dylanThe most inspirational thing for me was the gathering of 40+ local authorities, it felt like the   beginning of a movement of co-operation between areas rather than the outdated competition with each other.

Spotlight on Best Local Authority project Award:

The House Project in Stoke was by far the most incredible achievement that was shared with us, I sincerely congratulate them on such a fantastic project.

P.S we were also nominated for our West Sussex GEM Card for care leavers

What Next:

I want to support West Sussex Care Leaving Forum and bring a spark of inspiration to the group. West Sussex appears to have not got this project off the ground yet, so I would like to bring my ideas and help get it moving. I want to inspire other young people to get involved and support the change they wish to see in West Sussex for care leavers

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