The New Children in Care Council

The new CiCC

The Children in care council have been meeting as a new group, with new members as well as existing ones! We meet once a month to: have fun, discuss issues that are important to us, find out what other young people are up to and most importantly…to make a difference!

Thoughts from our latest meeting:

We did team building challenges today to become a better team. I found that it was good to be part of a team and work together, develop friendships, and just having fun. Maybe we could have done more activities either outside or maybe a little more challenging for us. I have learnt from today that if you want to do a game/ team building activity you need to listen in order to be listened too. I have learnt more about how to work together. It has made me see that I need to rely on my team more and I need to listen to my team more and try not to be so competitive.

“When you are feeling a little confused, it can be best to rely on your team to help and support you” – Leah

“I love it” – Alisha

“Today has be awesome, remember to add my selfie” – Jack

“Teamwork” – Chris

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