“Lets Talk About It” – Video Campaign Launch

Free Your Mind GroupThe Free Your Mind Mental Health Campaign Group made this video to raise awareness for Mental Health and to encourage people to talk about their problems to someone they can trust.

It came about as we won the Positive For Youth Award and we wanted to use the opportunity to make a video for all young people across West Sussex. We travelled to London and had a day in a recording studio where we filmed & created a jingle.

We would like schools to show this in PSHE classes and assemblies so that we can reach as many young people as possible, with the purpose to encourage and open discussion around young people’s mental health.

Watch the video below

WristbandsAs part of launching the videos we are also giving out wristbands with the logo and the “Let’s Talk About It” phrase to compliment the video as well as show support.

We hope school’s will now take an active role in promoting better emotional well-being & mental health in young people.

Quotes from young people involved:

Lily Parsons: “We worked really hard as a team to produce this campaign. It is such an interesting topic which needs to be talked about more to keep reducing stigma. It is such an important issue in every young person’s life whether we are directly affected or not. 1 in 4 young people suffer with mental health issue and this is exactly why we felt we needed to do something to raise awareness in our area. Please support our campaign by sharing our video and social media posts. Let’s get the discussion started!”

Dominic Marks: “We created this video as we fell that people don’t speak about mental health and we wanted to get people talking!”

George Bowron: “Through the ‘Let’s talk about it’ campaign we aim to open up a clear and meaningful conversation about young people’s mental health”

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