Make Your Mark West Sussex results

The Make Your Mark Campaign is the largest youth consultation in Europe. This year over 978,000 young people from the UK took part.

Top 5 issues


“We can not be silent, we need to stand up for our right for our voices to be heard” – Elizabeth Thornton – MYP for Kent

This year West Sussex UKYP achieved in enabling 18,302 young people to vote in the Make Your Mark Campaign! With a total of 38 schools and organisations taking part.

Below is a break down of the votes cast by the young people. It shows, in order, how the young people voted from the 10 options available:

Voting in West Sussex

Top 5 issues in West Sussex

“A big thank you to everyone who voted and to the schools and clubs who made time in their already busy lives to participate in this important ballot. Without the support of these schools and clubs the youth voice of West Sussex would not be heard so loudly” – Stephen Gearing, 12, MYP.

For a full break down of the Make Your Mark Campaign results, please visit the UK Youth Parliament website.

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