“Bridging The Gap”- Mental Health Event

One Care leaver attended the mental health event “Bridging the Gap” which was an event to discuss/debate and consult on services delivered to young people from children’s to adult services. The focus was particularly about “achieving safer transitions”. The event showcased two speakers about their services and research, and then workshops around three key questions. Read the young carers blog below:

Bridging the Gap

I attended the “bridging the gap”, mental health event which was a mental health conference about transitioning from CAMHS to adult services.

Some of the conference was boring because there was a person who was talking too long and seemed unprepared.  But it was informative, as I got new information about the CAG service, which I can now be part of.

The CHYPS CAG is the “Children and Young Peoples Clinical Academic Group”. Each month professionals from clinical services, research, education, training, young people and service users meet to discuss better care and treatment for people who use CHYPS healthcare service through using research.

It was nice to see people that I have worked with in the past. It was good to write down my opinions about transitions and how to improve them.

It was interesting to hear from a professional’s point of view on what it is like to work with a transition case.

I also gave this feedback when asked: How could organisations work better to support good transitions?

  • Ensure a young person is stable enough and ready for a transition
  • Be aware that the young person might have other transitions going on that could be stressful
  • Talk about their thoughts, feelings, and emotions about transitioning
  • Make sure CAMHS don’t just rinse their hands of the young person once transitioned
  • Make sure the young person is happy with the new allocated worker
  • Do a survey on experiences of transitions and any improvements which could be made.

How this has impacted me?

I can now be part of a new group to help shape how services are run in the mental health profession.

Talking to FYM group members, and how I can expand my mental health campaign

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