Care Leavers – Overnight Trip to Stedham Campsite for Duke of Edinburgh Award

A group of care leavers took part in a residential opportunity, which involved them learning the necessary needed for an expedition. The group took part in walking a planned route, in extreme weathers!, putting up tents, cooking on trangias, designing their own menu plans and team building exercises. The group stayed at Stedham campsite and did one night camping in tents in a hut! And it even snowed!

This is what they are doing for the other parts of the award!

Award Goals

This was the group menu planning for the residential!


This is what the young people said about the experience:

How did you feel about it? What are your feelings and thoughts? 

  • I am feeling positive about being here, and learning the skills for the expedition- Shannon
  • I have actually enjoyed it, because I have never really experienced the countryside before. I enjoyed the walk, complained a bit, but got on with it- Woody
  • Enjoyed it, good enjoyed the fresh air, good to get out, uphill was a bit difficult, due to smoking. All get on well as a team, fine, putting up the tent ok, would have camped outside if it wasn’t the middle of winter- Molly
  • Feel good, good experience because team members opened up and stuff, walking ok, enjoyed the experience- Liam

 What did you learn from it?

  •  How to put up a tent, using the trangis, how to use a map, I have learnt that my team mates are great fun.- Shannon
  • I learnt how to pack a bag properly, learnt how to put a tent up, learnt how to use a stove thingly, I have not to over pack my bag, don’t chose chicken soup because I don’t like chicken soup, and make sure the food is not too heavy- Woody
  • Learnt that I need to bring blow up bed, as back and shoulder hurts, not to pack heavy food, brought too many clothes- Molly
  • Learnt not to leave it all to the last minute, in terms of packing , easier if you prepare more, learnt other people’s characteristics and passions

 How has this impacted you?

  •  This has impacted me by getting me out of the house and socialising with others- Shannon
  • If I ever get lost in the woods, I know what to do, learnt more politics through conversations with others, my team mates are brill bru! Couldn’t of asked for a better team!- Woody
  • Recently been having bad anxiety, about meeting people, actually it wasn’t so bad and nice not to smoke weed for a night, nice to have a night without it, maybe have a night in the week not smoking weed- Molly
  • This has made me wanted to do the full award even more, given me a bit of a plan for my own personal life, made me miss my little boy, impacted me in a positive/good way.

What’s next?



  •  To do the practice and take it further- Shannon
  • To get the practice done, do the taster day overnight
  • Start looking things for other sections of the award, like the mechanics and going to the gym at least twice a week, animal volunteering- Molly
  • Complete other sections of the award, prepare for the full award- Liam

 Chloe’s Poem about her D of E experience:

We meet as a team of just 4 at a place of activity
We walk in the burning bright sun
We ride bikes on the fresh green grass
We canoe in choppy waters
We met, we arrange and have a good day
We laugh, we cry, we find confidence in fear
Carry rucksacks that feel like bags of coal
We talk like we’ve known each other a lifetime
We work together to get the jobs done
In the meantime having great fun
We put up tents making our own dens
We cook, we clean and we start to believe
We face challenges head on, always carry on
We sleep, we snore even sleeptalk
We ask for chicken soup but hate it regardless
Come on buddy its pretty harmless
We help, we try and always smile
We end our day on a high
We always make everyone smile



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