Children in Care Council take part in Safer Internet Day on 7th February

As part of Safer Internet Day 2017, the CICC members thought about being safe when using the internet and their use of social media. The CICC did activities on what are appropriate statements to share on the internet and social media, as well as privacy settings on social media accounts. Here are their thoughts on the session:

What event/session did you attend today?

  • Internet safety – Alisha.
  • We attended an internet safety session with the CICC – Leah

How did you feel about it? What are your feelings and thoughts?

  • Cool and interested.- Alisha
  • I found it interesting learning about different age ratings that you need to be to go on specific social media sites – Leah

What did you learn from it?

  • Not to give much detail about you and you have to be 16 or over – Alisha.
  • I learnt that you should always think before you click and you should always make sure that your accounts on social media are private – Leah

How has this impacted you?

  • I felt it was useful to learn about the age ratings for social media and that you should never put too much information about yourself on the internet – Leah
  • I felt it was useful – Alisha

 Completing Internet Safety Quiz Internet Safety for Facebook

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