Introducing The Healthy Relationships Group

“Our groups aim is to promote understanding of the differences and impacts of healthy and unhealthy relationships. We want to target secondary school aged people, and explore not only romantic relationships, but relationships with others such as parents. What we noticed when researching the subject was that there were multiple resources covering the topic, however they mainly focused on sexual / physical abuse. We want to create resources around the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships and their impacts, as there seems to be a gap. We also want to provide information to secondary school children on how to help others in unhealthy relationships or those coming out of one, what to do if in an unhealthy relationship them self, where to go for help and who they can talk to.” Sofia


Key Points Planning Tree Jan 2017

“The Healthy Relationships Group is aiming to promote understanding of the impacts that healthy and unhealthy relationships can have on young people in West Sussex – on their mental health, education and general day to day life.

We all have relationships – not just romantic relationships but relationships with friends and family too, yet few of us can recognise unhealthy behaviours in our relationships or understand the effects that these behaviours can have. We want to help young people to do this, and would love any other young people to join us in making a real difference to the lives of other people in West Sussex.” Esme

If you are interested in joining the group, please contact for more information.

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