Young People’s feedback on delivering Total Respect training to professionals

Two Care leavers delivered the course “Total Respect”, which is a one day training course for professionals, foster carers and support workers. The aim of the training is give a young person’s perceptive on how it may be/feel for them in care, the feelings and thoughts they may go through and what professionals can do to support the young people. Read the young people’s thoughts below:

What event/session did you attend today?

  • I delivered Total Respect Training on Wednesday 15th February 2017 at County Hall North and was attended by Foster Carers, and Child Care Officers.

What are your feelings and thoughts?

  • Communication between us as facilitators and participants worked well.
  • We got good feedback on the course.
  • The content of the course opened up discussion on mental health this then lead to an unplanned activity which opened up even more discussion.
  • We felt that we have reached more people and have had more of an impact on the people attending the course.
  • Having staff from establishments e.g. Cissbury Lodge gave a more collective view.

What did you learn from it?

  • That if we do a quiz we need to be sure of our answers

How has this impacted you?

  • That the participants were willing to learn new things!
  • That what Care leavers think are big issues some of the participants did not therefore it appears that Care leavers, workers / foster carers are sometimes worlds apart!
  • I think it went well because I felt empowered and it triggered much discussion.

What’s next?

  • To continue to deliver this course to workers and foster carer and that we hope to be able to get social workers to attend.
  • CW will continue her social action project around mental health as all participants showed a keen interest and requested more information and also to be informed of future training when it is formalised.

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