Children in Care Council Activity Day at Lodge Hill

10th March 2017

The Children i Care Council (CiCC) held their first activity day at Lodge Hill, engaging in fun, outdoor activities! There was 12 young people aged 11- 15 years old, from the northern and southern areas in West Sussex.

The day was fun packed, with activities including climbing, high ropes and the crate challenge!  Young people were able to challenge themselves, take part in new activities and work as a team.


This is what young people said throughout the day about the activities:

  • “I tried my best”- Chris
  • “That was so cool, that was insanely amazing and I was so scared”- Jack
  • “You should always try”- Owen
  • “Never give up, just try”- Alisha
  • The Crate Challenge!!!

What young people said at the end of the day:

  • “I did things I never thought I could”- Corey
  • “Have courage”- Owen
  • “I enjoyed all the activities and I was able to conquer my fear of heights, I also encouraged everyone”- Leah
  • “I like climbing and I am still trying to overcome my fears”- Corey
  • “I am happy about my friends who overcome their fear of heights and for completing the challenges”- Cody
  • “Never, never give up”- Ciara
  • “You should always try and just because you are scared, it doesn’t mean you can’t!”- Bryon
  • “I got to know people better”- Chris

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