SEND Voice – Pathway to Adulthood Consultation

9/12/16   M8s Bognor and Worthing groups, Phoenix Centre

24 young people involved in consultation about Pathway to Adulthood, all aged 12-24 years old.

West Sussex Pathways to Adulthood (PDF, 5 pages)

Which of the 5 areas of the strategy are most important to you?

Top 3 –

  • Being able to live safely on my own or with others
  • Being able to learn and work
  • Health and well-being

The dream – What I want for my future- group discussion and planning

Who I want to live with and who will be important in my life

  • Cousin
  • Sister, brother
  • Independent
  • Seeing my ‘real’ family and finding out why I’m adopted ( this young person said they wanted to know why their birth parents ‘abandoned me’ and hoped to find this out as an adult)
  • Parents
  • My boyfriend

Where I want to be

  • M8s – I  want M8s to stay open
  • Chichester college
  • Oak Grove College ( Sixth Form)
  • Northbrook College
  • Cornwall- holidays
  • Lodge Hill /camping

What I want to be doing

  • Sports coach
  • Working at Rolls Royce
  • Apprenticeships- with businesses
  • Working or volunteering in a shop-Oxfam, co-op
  • Bus driver
  • Film editor
  • Volunteering at the Regis centre
  • DJing
  • Earning money
  • Driving an Aston Martin- interested in cars, independence
  • Working at Oak Grove College as a helper in Koa ( with students with PMLD)
  • Painting
  • Going to the pub with my boyfriend
  • Publish my book
  • Teacher- put people in detention!
  • Paint nails and do peoples’ make up
  • Starring in a pantomime
  • Puppet shows/comedy
  • Work in a salon
  • Shopping

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  1. Hi. This links with a piece of work we are doing with yp. Can we speak ? Thanks


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