Youth Ambassadors Conference

30/3/17- Young People’s Blog/Feedback

Two care leavers were invited along to the “Youth Ambassadors Conference” organised by Sussex Police – Child Centred Policing. The aim of the day was to bring partners and different organisations as well as colleagues from Sussex Police together, to work more effectively with children and young people and shape the forces approach.

Young people were invited to tell their stories to develop a better understanding of the challenges and complexities around being a child/young person in care. In particular the young people spoke about their personal journeys around having been in care, the challenges they have faced, their dealings with Sussex Police and how this made them feel, as well as the impact going forward.

Youth Ambassador Conference

Young people spoke afterwards about what it was like being at this event, particularly around these questions:

How do you think the event went?

  • “I think that it went well. It was nice to be given the opportunity to engage with the police and talk to them about past involvement”- Hannah
  • “Okay- wish I’d spoken more and given fuller answers”- Chloe

Were you happy with your key messages to the audience?

  • “Yes. My main message was about the police having more tolerance with children in care and I feel that I was able to clearly get that message across”- Hannah
  • “Yeah, it hit the police hard that they need to change how they treat young people with mental health needs”- Chloe

What was the impact on you today?

  • “I think this experience has had a positive impact on me and has increased my confidence in the police and what they do”- Hannah
  • “It was emotional but I feel almost proud that we’ve done this”- Chloe

 What do you think could happen/should happen as a result of you participating today?

  • “I think it will provide the police and other staff with the opportunity to reflect on their practice and how they communicate with young people. Also hopefully it will give them a bit more insight into how vulnerable children in care actually are”.- Hannah
  • “Hopefully the police treat young people with mental health issues with more respect, empathy and patience”- Chloe

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