Primary Mental Health Worker Procurement Interview

Free Your Mind were recruited to help with interviews for Primary Mental Health Workers. We came together to make scenarios with accompanying questions to help us have a better idea of what they had to offer.  A group of us came up with answers that we thought would be ideal and compared their presentation to these and scored them out of five for how well each of our questions were covered. We looked both at their answers as well as their phrasing and the personalities of the potential workers.


Julie Tidbury, Project Manager

What was the event/session that the young people/person was involved in?

Interviews for the procurement of  new community mental health service for children and young people.

Why was it important to have young people’s input/involvement in this particular piece of work?

To ensure we have the voice of service users and young people in the selection of a large contract.

What was the impact on your service as a result of the young person’s participation/involvement?

We were able to ensure a young person has had input into the final scoring of the contract award decision.

What is going to change in your service/organisation or might change as a result of young people’s engagement?

We will be using the group again to procure further work.

How will you take this forward and what’s next in terms of young people’s participation?

I wish to hold a discussion with them to gather feedback on how they found the process and how we can improve or change anything next time.

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