Children in Care Council air their views

The Children in Care Council (CiCC) met at County Hall in Chichester, as part of a training event on their roles as young representatives. Alongside touring the Council Chambers, the group took over the on-site radio studio to learn how to reach a wider audience.

Working with the Communications Team, the CiCC learnt how to use the equipment, record their views and interview each other.

The group shared experiences on ‘what makes a good social worker,’ including skills and qualities needed for working in the care system.

Young peoples’ insight gives a fresh perspective to adult thinking, informing social worker recruitment and service development.

For more information on West Sussex Children in Care Council, supported by Integrated Prevention & Earliest Help (IPEH) contact:

The group collect their lanyards from reception

The group met Katrina from WSCC Communications Team, who promote news across the service. Check out us in the radio station!!!

Sarah from the Voice and Participation Team, shows the group their pages on Yourspace; how it works, where the information goes and how many views their blogs get. The groups’ last blog had over a 1000 views!


Sharing experiences on skills and qualities needed to make the ideal social worker:

Views of the young people on the day

Leah – friendly, kind, energetic and they are there for you, communicate well, listen, empathise with you, understand what you want and help you achieve that

Alisha – friendly, helpful and kind, remember things, mindful, make sure you stand up for yourself, don’t be shy

Amy – kind, good listeners, never to angry with the young person, kind, don’t be horrible, good communication

Jack – be happy and helpful, help people out, encourage them in the things they want to do, and be nice and intelligent, exciting, make the child laugh and be trustworthy, build up trust with the young people, otherwise they won’t tell them anything

Chris – know what children need such as computers and tablets

We had lunch and finished with a game of Bowling!

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