Skills to Foster Presentation

A Care Leaver delivered a power-point presentation at Foster Carers Induction training, giving ‘top tips’ on how to treat young people in care when they first enter their home. Here is what he thought.

‘I did Skills to Foster Presentation to Foster Carers, about what it’s like to be in care, showing them the presentation and taking questions.

It was very positive; I had a good reception from the participant’s right from the beginning of the presentation. I managed to get a good rapport with the participants and the presentation flew by.

At the end of the questions, I drew a lot more from my own experiences, which helped give the Foster Carers something real. There was a lot of discussion about my placements and I relayed to them how it is important what they are doing and how much I value their work and what they are striving to do. This gave the Foster Carers a better understanding of how they may be able to do the same for another young person in the future. I was also asked about if I had birth siblings and if there were the carers own children in the placements that I have been in.

The participants asked many questions at the end which I was able to answer. I wished them all good luck and said that they will make a difference when they foster’.

Bill, (Care leaver, 21)

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