West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service – Resilience & Emergencies Team get taken over

What is Takeover Challenge?

Youth Cabinet member spends the day with the West Sussex Fire Service – Resilience and Emergencies Team.

Name: Pete Reavey

Organisation/Person spent the day with: Resilience & Emergencies Team (RET)

What event/session did you attend today?

An introduction to what the RET team did (responsibilities etc.), the training required for a support member of the Emergency Centre and attended meetings between the RET and the Facilities Head and the Catering Resilience Coordinator – both of which gave an understanding of how the RET engage with other organisations – both internally and externally.

How did you feel about it? What are your feelings and thoughts?

From today, I have been welcomed by the RET and always been asked if I had any questions. This made me feel better about the experience that I was otherwise anxious about since I came along this morning with not much of an idea about what the RET actually did.

What did you learn from it?

One of the main things I’ve learnt is how the seemingly simple things such as losing internet connection or a road being blocked can lead to a major impact on Council services that wouldn’t normally seem obvious.

I also learnt hope essential teamwork and ‘chemistry’ between a team can make the whole team work better, more effectively, for everyone on the team, individuals & organisations the RET works with as well as the wider community.

How has this impacted you? What’s next?

As a result of today, especially after a discussion with the Head of Service, I’m now able to think about the possibility of an apprenticeship within the RET – possibly to begin around the middle of 2018. This is something I’ve got to research etc. and then work from there. With experience I’ve had with similar organisations in the past, I’ve shown I can work well in these environments so I’m seriously considering this opportunity.

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