Youth Cabinet Meeting – 14/06/18


On June 14th 2018, the Youth Cabinet attended meeting 3 at Centenary House, Durrington again. We decided this was the best place and we will continue having most of our meetings there. We were joined by MYP Harley Collins (MYP of Chichester and West Arun) and Jake Pettman to help us in our meeting. We had some new faces join us in our Cabinet for locations that had not yet been filled.

What we spoke about:

In our meeting we were asked whether we wanted to be continue an old project called Curriculum For Life or to scrap it and start another project. Most of us decided to stay with the project and another idea we were adamant about, to be put aside and start in September. The project that we decided to put aside mostly contained more to do with educating children in first aid rather than improving it in schools. We decided the best place to put these would be in PSHE. Then we broke up into 5 groups to plan how we can achieve this. All people in the groups were assigned tasks in which to plan for our campaign.

Group one were in charge of creating a paper/online survey to gain young people’s opinions on the PSHE lessons containing first aid.

Group two were in charge of contacting companies to take part in these lessons and in the surgeries. Group 3 needed to communicate with them to make sure companies aren’t being bothered consistently.

Group three was assigned to create surgeries, like workshops but more basic. For these posters and PowerPoints, venues and companies (eg. NHS and St. Johns Ambulance) needed to be made/contacted so these can happen.

Group 4 spoke about creating school workshops for parents and students to attend to get an insight on what they would experience in class.

Group 5 spoke about what first aid is and how it can be spread so youths know all about first aid.

All tasks given should be carried out by next month’s meeting.


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Groups we are working in


Our next YC meeting is on 12th July 2018 and a special YC meeting is on 5th July 2018.

Thanks for reading our blog.

-Josh Patterson

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