Youth Cabinet Day- 31/07/18, Horsham

The Horsham meeting on the July 31st was described as a very productive session by the members of the West Sussex Youth Cabinet. In this meeting we discussed and created a first aid survey which has been sent out to all of West Sussex for the youth to fill out so that we can use this data to help us understand the youths’ knowledge of first aid and how will can help improve First Aid in schools.

Firstly when we arrived, we began with collecting ideas for questions to be used in the survey as they need to be able to give us the exact information that we need. However we also didn’t want to create questions with long answers as we may need to read the exact information that we require. But, after a bit of time we had managed to create the questions that we thought would be perfect to ask the youth and that will give us the information that we require to help improve First Aid education and to have it brought into schools.

After this task was done, we then had split into groups where we had a Member of the Cabinet working on using the questions that we came up with and putting them in a online survey. The rest of us split in to two groups so that we can create two Emails that the survey can be sent on the first was for the Headteachers of the schools so they can be notified about the porpoise of the survey and so they know to send the second Email to the students of the school and another group was created to make a poster and make an online invitation for the Headteachers to come to our created event. Also a fourth group came together to design the layout of our workshop for the Headteachers- the timings, the dates etc. The second Email was decided to be less formal for the students which has the same information as the first email and both will include a link to the survey.

Our next Youth Cabinet meeting will be on 24th August.

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